Golden Thumbelina
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Based on Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson
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Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Thumbelina
Main Character Goal To find Cornelius and marry him
Deceased Parent(s)
Love Interest Fairy Prince
Sidekick(s) Swallow
Parent or Mentor Dam Keeper
Villain Mona
Villain's Sidekick
Catalyst The dam keeper sends his daughter to warn the meadow that the dam is about to burst, only for her to fall into a tulip that is found by a medicine woman, who then sells the flower to an old woman who doesn't listen when Thumbelina tries to explain what's going on
Journey Begins Thumbelina is abducted by the frog as a gift for her son
Meet Cute As with most Golden films, Thumbelina and her love interest have no chemistry
Harrowing Scene Excitement in a Golden film? Sure, when pigs fly!
Romantic Moment
Preclimax Thumbelina seeks refuge at the home of a field mouse named Mona, who decides to pawn her off to her good friend Mr. Mole
Climax Thumbelina figures out Mona's ill intent, and flies off on the back of the swallow
Happy Ending The prince proposes
Opening Number "Little Teeny Thumbelina"
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song
Villain Song
Romance Song
Award Bait Song


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