The Magic Voyage
The Magic Voyage
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Based on The historical voyages of Christopher Columbus
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Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Christopher Columbus Pico the Woodworm
Main Character Goal To rescue Marilyn from the Swarm Lord
Deceased Parent(s)
Love Interest Marilyn
Sidekick(s) Pico Christopher Columbus
Parent or Mentor
Villain Swarm Lord
Villain's Sidekick
Opening Narration
Catalyst Pico suggests to Columbus that the world is round
Journey Begins Columbus gets permission to sail around the world to prove that it is round
Meet Cute Pico meets Marilyn in a chandelier before she it taken away by the Swarm Lord
Harrowing Scene
Romantic Moment Pico dreams about seeing Marilyn again
Climax Pico rescues Marilyn and makes squishy with the swarm
Happy Ending Columbus and the crew continue their journey, and Columbus talks about the future of the New World
Opening Number
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song
Villain Song
Romance Song
Award Bait Song

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