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Von Rothbart

Um... this is what Rothbart is in the ballet. He's a shapeshifting sorcerer who can turn into an owl. His reasons for turning Odette into a swan were never explained, but that doesn't matter, because... look at that design. Holy shit, that's a cool design. Why isn't the Crest Animation version more like that? You know you've fucked up when your "modern adaptation" is a downgrade from the original. Now, in most versions of the play, Rothbart's powers are destroyed when the young lovers commit suicide, but in one version, Rothbart's swans get inspired by the suicide to eat Von Rothbart alive. Also, he was a reptilian monster in that version. The Crest version is a huge downgrade.

The Swan Princess

Rothbart was a wizard who wanted power. He wanted it badly. But, he knew that the main reason all the other bad guys fail so hard is because they do things like curse the royal family, steal stars from the sky, or complex assassination attempts. So, Rothbart had an idea: rather than steal the power for himself, he'll get it the way everyone else does: by marrying into royalty. That way, the heroes won't be able to stop him so easily. Just one problem: the princess he's set his sights on has no interest in marrying him. His solution: turn her into a swan and keep her on a lake, until she agrees to be his bride. But he must proceed with this carefully in order for it to work, otherwise he'll end up just like all those other bad guys. Too bad being careful isn't one of his strong suits.

Vow of Revenge

Swan Lake

The Lake Discovered

The Final Bout

The Swan Princess Christmas

They killed Rothbart in the first movie. He didn't like that very much.

Back From the Dead... Kinda

Rothy has been reduced to a disembodied ghost talking to a cat for reasons unexplained. In order for Rothbart to come back to Earth, the cat had to get Prince Derek to open an ominous-looking chest. Which he did. Problem is, Rothbart came back during a time when he'd be at his weakest – Christmastime. But, little-known fact, it isn't actually Christmas that weakens him, it's the awful autotuned singing from the curiously mixed-race cast. Of course, the reason Rothbart came back around Christmas... was so he could destroy Christmas. 'Kay.

The Power of Wind Chimes

Back From the Dead for Really Realsies

The Final Final Bout

Alternate Character Interpretation

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