Quest for Camelot
Quest for Camelot
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Production company(s)
Distributor Warner Bros.
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Based on The King's Damosel by Vera Chapman
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Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Kayley
Main Character Goal To become the world's greatest knight
Deceased Parent(s) Kayley's father
Love Interest Garret
Sidekick(s) Ayden, Devon and Cornwall, Bladebeak
Parent or Mentor
Villain Ruber
Villain's Sidekick Bladebeak
Catalyst Excalibur is stolen by a gryphon
Journey Begins Kayley escapes from Ruber's half-man half-weapon soldiers, and goes off to find Excalibur
Meet Cute Kayley is saved by Garret the blind guy
Harrowing Scene The party retrieves Excalibur from a rock biter ogre
Romantic Moment Kayley heals Garret with unexplained magic leaves
Preclimax Ruber gets Excalibur, welds it onto his arm, and marches into Camelot
Climax Kayley and Garret trick Ruber into inserting Excalibur into the stone again
Happy Ending Everyone is healed (except Garret's blindness), and Kayley and Garret get knighted
Opening Number "United We Stand"
"I Want" Song "On My Father's Wings"
Sidekick Song "If I Didn't Have You"
Villain Song "Ruber (song)"
Romance Song "Looking Through Your Eyes"
Award Bait Song "The Prayer"




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