Welcome to the Disney Rip-Offs Wiki

You can call this the anti-Disney Wiki. If you're an 11-15-year-old brat and you've never experienced hardship in your life, get the fuck out. None of the movies we talk about on this Wiki are good, or well-made (well, maybe Prince of Egypt). If you think movies like Anastasia or The Swan Princess are perfect love stories (i.e. if you are the type of obsessive fan who says that sort of thing), leave immediately. This is a site for cataloguing and ridiculing the cheap Disney knock-offs studios put out for a quick buck.

On other Wikis, people put everything under a gigantic microscope, and obsess over the tiniest of tiny details. But here, you can loosen up, have a little fun, relaaaax. Because hey, they're just Disney rip-offs. They aren't serious business.

In short, take editing seriously enough that you can edit effectively, but not so seriously that you start campaigning to have a movie banned for not appealing to you specifically.

One more thing: if you absolutely must join the Wiki, stay on the surface, and avoid the dark underbelly.

What counts as a Disney rip-off?

What doesn't count as a rip-off

  • Comedies such as Shrek are what are called parodies – works created to make fun of original works, authors, or styles. Since parodies are protected by law in the US, and are usually not intended to ride the coattails of Disney's success, they do not count as rip-offs.
  • Movies people often mistake for Disney are not necessarily rip-offs of Disney. The Iron Giant, for example, does not follow the Disney formula, and so it isn't a rip-off. FernGully seems a bit more Disneyesque, but its musical style ensures that it will only be mistaken for Disney by people who have never seen a Disney movie before.
  • Movies set in a cinematic universe are not directly stealing from Marvel, so the DC Extended Universe and Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe each get a free pass. It's only under special circumstances when a cinematic universe or movie intended to kick off a cinematic universe can be catalogued here.

Basic Rules

  • Don't take this shit too seriously. Anyone who takes this shit too seriously will be banned for being a whiny thin-skinned idiot.

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