Bartok the Magnificent
Bartok the Magnificent
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Disney counterpart The Lion King 1½, Kronk's New Groove, Cars 2

(I don't care that all of those came out years after this movie, it's still the same basic idea applied to a money-sucking sequel)

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So, we all know how much Anastasia wants to be a Disney movie, and we all know that Fox did everything possible to make it resemble one. One of the ways Fox did this was by giving Anastasia a direct-to-video spin-off, when Disney's direct-to-video sequels were just getting started. And just to make the spin-off even more profitable, Fox decided it should center around Anastasia's breakout star Bartok. In the tradition of Return of Jafar, Timon and Pumbaa, Kronk's New Groove, and Cars 2, this is Bartok the Magnificent.

How old is Bartok, anyway?

Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Bartok
Main Character Goal
Deceased Parent(s)
Love Interest Piloff
Sidekick(s) Zozi
Parent or Mentor Baba Yaga
Villain Ludmilla
Villain's Sidekick Captain Vol
Opening Everyone is afraid of Baba Yaga except for the stage performer Bartok
Catalyst Prince Ivan is kidnapped by Baba Yaga
Journey Begins Bartok goes to Baba Yaga's lair, and has to collect four objects so Baba Yaga can make a potion
Meet Cute Bartok finds Piloff stuck to a boulder
Harrowing Scene Bartok frees Piloff from the boulder, gets Oble to relinquish his crown, and grabs the levitating feather without flying
Romantic Moment
Preclimax It turns out Baba Yaga never kidnapped Ivan, and the potion was meant for Bartok. Also, Ivan was actually kidnapped by Ludmilla as part of a plot to seize the throne, and by the time the heroes figure this out, Ludmilla has them locked in the same tower Ivan is trapped in.
Climax The potion is supposed to bring the user's inner self to their outside appearance tenfold. Ludmilla drinks it, thinking it will make her more beautiful, but instead it turns her into a dragon. Bartok escaped from the tower and fights Dragon!Ludmilla.
Happy Ending Bartok is a true hero for defeating Ludmilla and showing Baba Yaga compassion. Also, he returns Ivan's ring for no real reason. But it's all totally pointless because we know Bartok is just going to get mixed up with Rasputin eventually,
Opening Number "Baba Yaga (song)", "Bartok the Magnificent (song)"
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song "A Possible Hero"
Villain Song "The Real Ludmilla"
Romance Song
Award Bait Song