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Based on Don Bluth's Anastasia, based on Anastasia starring Ingrid Bergman, itself based on a play by Guy Bolton and Marcelle Maurette, which was in turn inspired by Anna Anderson the Anastasia imposter
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Does a rip-off of a Disney rip-off still count as a Disney rip-off? Who cares? Let's talk about this movie.

Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Anastasia
Main Character Goal To get away
Deceased Parent(s) The whole Romonov family
Love Interest
Sidekick(s) Nicky, Pirosh, Rusty Blinkers
Parent or Mentor Boris Popolovich and Vladimir Dominick
Villain Gregoria Popolovich and The Commissar
Villain's Sidekick The Bolsheviks
Opening An actually serious, dark, decidedly un-fairy tale-like look at the aftermath of the revolution, with Leon Dominick taking an unconscious Anastasia away in a cart, exclaiming what a miracle it is that she survived
Catalyst "Anna" wakes up in the Popoloviches' home, has amnesia, is given a new identity, and is put to work as a slave
Journey Begins "Anna" realizes the Popoloviches aren't her real family, and runs off with the Dominicks
Meet Cute
Harrowing Scene Anastasia, Alexander and their pets get attacked by a bear while being chased by the Bolsheviks
Romantic Moment
Preclimax The Bolsheviks chase Anastasia, but are cut off by a train
Climax The Bolsheviks chase Anastasia again. They are foiled when they cross into Austrian territory, where they have no jurisdiction.
Happy Ending Anastasia heads into Austria to live as an ordinary girl
Opening Number
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song
Villain Song
Romance Song
Award Bait Song

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